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Zebra DS2278-SR7U2100PRW Barcode Scanner/ 1D,2D,/BT4.0/ Black

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Zebra DS2278-SR7U2100PRW Barcode Scanner

Physical Characteristics
Input Voltage Range DS2208/DS2278 and Cradle: 4.5 to 5.5 voe
Host Powered; 4.5 to5.5 VDCExternalPowerSupply
Current Corded DS2208 Operating Current at Nominal Voltage {5.0V): 250 mA (typical).
{Note: Auto-AimandIlluminationonAcquiring Image)
Corded DS2208 Standby Current (idle)at
Nominal Voltage {5.0V):150 mA {typical}.
{Note: Auto-AimOn}
PresentationCradle and MicroUSB Cable: 500 mA (typical)StandardUSB;1100mA
{typical} BC12USB
Color NovaWhite, Twilight Black
Supported Host Interfaces USB, RS232, Keyboard Wedge, TGCS(IBM} 46XXover RS485
Keyboard Support Supportsmorethan90 international keyboards
User Indicators Direct DecodeIndicator; good decodeLEDs; Rear view LEDs; beeper{adjustabletone and volume}
Performance Characteristics
Motion Tolerance (Handheld) Up to 5 in./13cm per second for13 mil UPC
SwipeSpeed (Hands-Free) Up to30.0 in./76.2cm per second for13mil UPC
Light Source AimingPattern: linear 624nmAmber LED
Illumination (2)645nm Super-Red LEDs
Imager Fieldof View 32.8′ Hx 24.8′ VNominal
Image Sensor 640 x 480 pixels
MinimumPrint Contrast 25%minimumreflectivedifference
Skew/Pitch/Roll Tolerance +/- 65′;+/- 65′; 0-360′
MinimumElement Resolution Code39 – 4.0 mil;Code128 – 4.0 mil; Data Matrix- 6.0 mil; QR Code- 6.7 mil
User Environment
OperatingTemperature DS2208/DS2278 lmagers:
32 o· to122.0· Fto.o· to 5o.o· c
32 0’to104.0′ F/0.0′ to 40.0′ C
Storage Temperature -40.0′ to158.0′ F/-40.0′ to 70.0′ C
Humidity 5%to 95%RH, non-condensing
DropSpecification Designed towithstand multipledrops at
5.0 ft./1.5m toconcrete
Tumble Specification Designed towithstand 250 tumbles in1.5 ft./.5 m tumbler’
Environmental Sealing IP52
ElectrostaticDischarge DS2208/DS2278 and CR2278 Cradle:ESD
{ESD) per EN61000-4-2, +/-15KVAir, +/-8 KVDirect,
Ambient light Immunity Oto10,000Foot Candles/0 to107,600Lux
Radio specifications
Bluetooth Radio Standard Bluetooth Version4.0 with BLE:
Direct lineofsight inopenair:Class2:Minimum30 ft. (10.0 m}and up to300 ft. (100.0 m) w
henpaired withCR2278 cradle.Environmental factorsmay impact results.Serial Port 
andHIDProfiles; output power adjustabledown from 2.0 dBm in 8 Steps
Battery Capacity/ Battery Type 2,400 mAh Li-IonBattery
Scans Per Battery Charge’ 110,000 scans at 60 Scansper Minuteor 50,000 scansat10 Scans per Minute
Operating Time PerFull Charge’ 84.0Hours
Charge Time {from Empty) 14 Hour Shift Hours I Full Charge Hours
Standard USB 14 HourShift Hours: 4 Full ChargeHours:17
BC1.2 USB 14 HourShift Hours: 4 Full ChargeHours:17
External 5V Source 14 HourShift Hours:1 Full ChargeHours:5
Micro USB 14 HourShift Hours:1 Full ChargeHours:7
BC1.2 MicroUSB 14 HourShift Hours:1 Full ChargeHours: 4
Dimensions Corded DS2208:
6.5 in.Hx 2.6 in.W x3.9 in.D
16.5cm Hx 6.6 cmW x9.9 cmD CordlessDS2278:
6.9 in.Hx 2.6 in.W x3.5 in.D
17.5cm Hx 6.6cm W x9.0 cmD PresentationCradle:
2.8 in. Hx3.7in. W x 4.8 in.D
7.2 cmH x9.4 cm W x12.2cmD
Weight Corded DS2208: 5.7oz./161.6 g
CordlessDS2278: 7.5oz./ 214 g PresentationCradle: 5.2oz./ 151g
Warranty 3 Years (3/3/0)

Zebra DS2278-SR7U2100PRW Barcode Scanner

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