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APC Performance SurgeArrest 6 Outlet 3 Meter Cord 230V


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APC Performance SurgeArrest 6 Outlet 3 Meter Cord 230V

Tech  Specs
Model PMS63-TH
Input Voltage 230V (198VAC – 242VAC)
Input Current 10A
Line Frequency 50/60Hz +/-5Hz
Maximum Output Current/ Voltage 250V 10A
Maximum current 72KA
Transformer Blocks 2
USB Charging No
Surge Energy Rating 1836J
EMI/RFI Noise Rejection <40 dB
Ground OK Indicator Green LED
Protected Indicator Green LED
LED Indicators Protected Indicator illuminates when protection circuitry is working
Grounded Indicator reports when your home wiring is working properly.
Overload Indicator illuminates if circuit becomes overloaded. Unplug
equipment until light goes out.
On when properly grounded, the surge protection system overloads peripherals.
Circuit Breaker Yes
Power Cord Length 3 meters
Dimensions (HxWxL) 65.8 x 110.3 x 271.5 mm
Safety Shutter Yes /180-degree Rotating Cord
Allows for flexible placement in tight spaces.
Warranty 10 years
Note: 10-year warranty, change the new one for free at home, contact the Call Center: 02 617 5555 press 6
(working days and hours Monday – Friday from 08:30 – 17:30)

APC Performance SurgeArrest 6 Outlet 3 Meter Cord 230V

Green PremiumTM label is Schneider Electric’s commitment to delivering products with best-in-class environmental performance. Green Premium promises compliance with the latest regulations, transparency on environmental impacts, as well as circular and low-CO2 products.

Life Cycle Assessments and Environmental Indicators

APC by Schneider Electric has selected the Environmental Information & Management Explorer (EIME) software tool to perform full product life cycle analyses. This software tool has been specially developed for the needs of the electrical and electronic industry to include environmental indicators that detail the state of the environment and human health.

APC by Schneider Electric is responding to the increasing pressure of environmental legislation by designing our products with greater energy efficiency, fewer hazardous substances and eco-friendly recycling and disposal options.

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